DJ Samara Cioc's Immersiva Setlist

Over and over in the time leading up to the event, I heard people say, "Oh! Sam is my favorite DJ!!" People poured in to hear Sam play, and she was fantastic as always. Here is her set to prove it...

Baa Laughter / Gay Cole and His GT Hobos
All is Love / Karen O and the Kids
Despicable Dogs / Small Black
Dogbite / Natural Child
Animal Party / The King Kahn and BBQ Show
Daddy, Don't Ever Die on a Friday / Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra
What Makes Him Act So Bad / Adam Green
What's That Sound / Firefox AK
Again & Again / Black Lips
Gray Sunset / Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti
My Little Banana / My Little Airport
Heaven Can Wait (Pass 8 Stems Vocal 4) / Charlotte Gainsbourg
Hologram / Digital Leather
Ashes to Ashes / HOLY SHIT
Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly) / Ty Segall
Can't Seem to Make You Mine / Billy Childish
The Frog / Sergio Mendes, Brasil 66
Untitled / Beirut
In the Clear / Cap'n Jazz
The Robots / Kraftwerk
In the City (Contact High) / NODZZZ
Eternity / German Measles
Innocence / Bjork
4 Little Joeys (Marxy's Sukebe Danny Tammer Remix) / kiiiiiii
Monster on Saturn 1 / Science Fiction Corporation
Freudian Slips / Big Troubles
Glitter and Gold / Cheap Time
Gamma Ray (Beck) / Jay Reatard
Scholastic Aptitude / Urinals
Idioteque / Radiohead
She Cracked / The Modern Lovers
Philosophy of the World / The Shaggs
No Friend of Mine / The Sparkles
What I Want / The Okmoniks
Dead Sound (Raveonettes Cover) / Digital Leather
Electricity / Captain Beefheart
Yami no Naka no Doppel - Kenken / Yoshino Daisaku & Prostitute
You Look So Pretty in Red / Terror Visions
Patty Hearst / Stereo Total
Pure Rockets / John Maus
The Eye of the Tiger (Persepolis Original Soundtrack) / Chiara Mastroianni