Grand Opening! Colleen's Setlist of Int'l Indie

Name / Artist / Country

Pa' Bailar / Bajofondo Tango Club / Argentina, Uraguay
Le coup de ciseaux / Miou Miou / Czech Republic
One Thousand 20th Century Chairs / Kahimi Karie (カヒミ・カリィ) / Japan
Former Hero / Heikki / Sweden
det har varit svårare / Sibiria / Finland
Super / Neu! / Germany
Angle mort / Les Breastfeeders / Canada
Heck Singhi / Cha Cha Cohen / United Kingdom, Australia
New York, USA / Superpunk / Germany
Break-Out Town / Tokyo Sex Destruction / Spain
Motorpsycho / Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists / Czech Republic
Pop Peth / Datblygu / Wales
Det Rör Inte Hjärtat / Vapnet / Sweden
Liebe zu Dritt / Stereo Total / Germany, France
Bloqueo / Grande-Marlaska / Spain
Je suis comme je suis / Les Sequelles / Canada
Himmelfahrtskommando / Death By Kite / Denmark
Punkdrömmar [ingenting] / Norway
360° Mintzkov / Belgium
Et Godt Part / The Launderettes / Norway
Onion Soup Crazy Corniche Camomile Int'l Japan
Nygubbe4 / Johan Hedberg / Sweden
Yuuhiga Naiteiru / The Captains / Japan
Por favor no vuelvas a nacer / Bam Bam / Mexico
Give It Back / Love Is All / Sweden
Les parfums de la nuit / Amadeus Tappioka / France
No More Lovesongs / Lacrosse / Sweden
Le jardin zoologique Clyde Int'l France
Romance / Katzenjammer Kabarett / France
Won't Say Anything / Hello Seahorse! / Mexico
Meet and Greet / Slaraffenland / Denmark
Finland / Hari and Aino / Sweden
Rock Guitar The Pancakes Int'l Hong Kong
Cravings Liechtenstein Int'l Sweden
Gigi Leung Is Dead My Little Airport Int'l China
1-2-3 / Apple tree Herman Dune Int'l Switzerland

Applecross Launch on Phasma - 10/12/09

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