Get Ready for Applecross at Immersiva - January 18!

Have you been to Immersiva yet? Use the link below to visit this beautiful setting for the next Applecross event with DJs Samara Cioc, Evah Gothly, and special guest, Siri Woodget.

When you land at Immersiva, look on the ground for a piece of paper that will give you a texture with the sky settings. If you've never used the advanced sky settings feature, you're in for a treat. The Immersiva instructions are very intuitive, but if you need help, search the Second Life Wiki for step-by-step instructions.

To learn more about artist Bryn Oh and Immersiva, check out her blog at I highly recommend watching the Machinima videos.

A New Look for Applecross

We have a new logo by Kasabian Beck!

Applecross at Redrum - Darn Darwin's Setlist

Okay, I'll say it now, Darn is one of my all-time favorite djs, and his set at Redrum was hit.

Name / Artist
Sufjan Stevens -It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad
Afroman - 12 J's of Christmas
The Fall - No Xmas for John Quays
Lee Scratch Perry - Santa Claus
Cardinal - If You Believe in Christmas Trees
Groovy Ghoulies - My Christmas Card to You
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Carolina Christmas
Lead Belly - Christmas is a Coming
Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters - Poppa Santa Claus
Ramsy Lewis Trio - Here Comes Santa Claus
James Brown - Santa Claus is Here to Stay
The Residents - Santa Dog (aka Fire) 1972
Tom Lehrer - (I'm Spending) Hanukkah in Santa Monica
Mr Hankey - Santa Claus is on His Way
The Jackson 5 - Someday at Christmas
The Sonics - Don't Believe in Christmas
Tom Waits - Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
The Kinks - Holiday
Coctails -Working Holiday
The Lilys - A Tab for the Holiday
The Ronettes - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Roger Christian - Little Mary Christmas
Fat Daddy - Fat Daddy
Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby
Stevie Wonder - Ave Maria
Kyle Broflofski and Neil Diamond - The Lonely Jew on Christmas
The Pogues featuring Kirsty McColl - A Fairytaile of New York
James Mathus & His Knockdown Society - Jesus is a Dying-bed Maker
Ry Cooder- Christmas in Southgate
Sarah McLachlan and Diana Krall - Christmas Time is Here
The Crystals - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Satan - Christmas Time in Hell
Sufjan Stevens - O Come O Come Emmanuel
Willie Nelson - Away in a Manger
The Residents - Santa Dog '78
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Little Drummer Boy
Mr Garrison - Merry Fucking Christmas
Justin Wilson- Cajun Night Before Christmas
Fear - Fuck Christmas

Applecross at Redrum - Colleen's Setlist

Name / Artist

Blood Feast Radio Spot / Herschell Gordon Lewis
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer / Dean Martin
Theme from A Clockwork Orange (Beethovania) / Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Wave Of Mutilation / Pixies
Tired of This Shit / The Bloody Hollies
Bloodstains / Agent Orange
Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) / The Ramones
Panic / The Smiths
Hi-Skies / The Morning After Girls
Repeated Offender / The Rifles
Better In The Shadows / The Rascals
Christmas Wrapping / The Waitresses
Walk Like A Zombie / HorrorPops
Clockwork Orange Horror Show / The Templars
Voracious / Cub
Back From The Dead / Wolfman Featuring Peter Doherty
Mini Skirt of Christmas Lights / The Awkward Stage
White Christmas / Iggy Pop
She Had A Knife! / This Drama
I Want Candy / Howe Gelb & Scout Niblett
Melody, Like Snow / The Cloud Room
No Wow / The Kills
The Witch (The Sonics cover) / Cut Off Your Hands
Hydra / The Inconsolables
Three Bells In A Row / Tenpole Tudor
Sha La La / The dB's
Love Astronaut / Murder Mystery
Sweet Sweet Heartkiller / Say Hi
Final Day / Young Marble Giants
This X-mas If The World Don't End / Kyle Andrews
Peanuts Theme / Belle And Sebastian
Mummy (Oh My) / Machine Go Boom
Pretend We're Dead / L7
K-klass Kisschase / Heavenly
Christmas Song / The Raveonettes
The Winter Is Coming / Elf Power
Blood Red Moon / The XX
See No Evil / Television
Winter Games / Foreign Born
Alone at a Party in a Ghost Town / Cloud Cult
Back Door Santa (Non Album Version) / JET
And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow / Of Montreal
Main Theme from Twilight Zone / Orlando Pops Orchestra and Andrew Lane
Bag Of Spiders / Slumber Party

Applecross at the Redrum Public House

Thanks to everyone who came out to the third Applecross event held at the Redrum Public House!

Masacre Soon, Colleen Lilliehook and Darn Darwin played seven hours of music based around a 'Twisted Christmas' theme We were visited by approximately 99 unique avatars, averaging about 22 people at a time during the peak hours!

Big thanks to Rumpledink Robbiani, the owner and creator of the Redrum Public House and the Kubrick Rooms, for allowing Applecross to have this great party...dancing in the rain in front of the Evil Dead Cabin.

DJ Darn Darwin is known for his eclectic tastes, and his set of holiday music was a perfect mix of classic, quirky, and charming.

Darn can be found at The Crow's Nest on Friday nights and at the Velvet on Sunday nights.

Applecross founder, Colleen Lilliehook played a indie mix of holiday and horror. Expect a copy of the setlist soon!

Alicia Falworth was originally slated to play, but had computer troubles. Expect to see Ali back for another event soon.

Colleen plays at the Velvet on Tuesdays and at Mixtape on Thursdays.

DJ Masacre Soon put us in the perfect mood with her mix of wintery tunes as she kicked off our evening at Redrum.

Mas plays at Bombay (b)Indie on Thursdays at 7 pm SLT.

Check out these and more pics of the event on our Flickr page:

Applecross DJ Profile: Ennui Clip

In upcoming blogs, we'll be posting Biographies, Applecross thoughts and Set lists of Applecross DJs! The first of these biographies is of DJ Ennui Clip, who played the Museum of Robots Applecross event on November 9, 2009.

Ennui started out as a DJ in world at Alt7 with the ever patient assistance of many, including HotJack Canning, Alex Warrior, and Katherine Ivory among others. Since then he's worked at regularly and/or been a guest DJ at some of the best clubs in Second Life; including Bombay (b) Indie, The Velvet, Mixtape, Fracture, and The Norvern Monkey, and for a time managed The Rooftop Club.

Ennui can currently be found spinning Sunday nights 7-9slt at Bombay (b) Indie, and Thursday nights at Fracture from 7-8slt, in addition to the occasional guest spot here and there. Regular notices of upcoming performances can be had by joing Ennui's group 'N is for Neville'.

What does Ennui think about Applecross?

Applecross is a unique venue-hopping monthly event run by a few of the very best Djs I've had the priviledge of working with in Second Life. It was a distinct pleasure to play, and an honor to be asked to play for the recent event at The Museum of Robots. We had so much fun! It's always nice to spend a few hours in the company of intelligent, witty individuals who have good taste in music. Cheers!

Here is the setlist Ennui played for our Museum of Robots Event, November 9, 2009:

1. Adam Sandler - Gay Robot
2. The Futureheads - Robot
3. The Lillingtons - Robots in My Dreams
5. The Phenomenauts - robot love
6. The Network - Supermodel Robots
7. Cage The Elephant - Tiny Little Robots
8. Ima Robot - Creeps Me Out
9. To My Boy - Tell Me, Computer
10. Timid Tiger - Miss Robot
11. The Rakes - Binary Love
12. Stellastarr - Robot
13. Autolux - Robots In The Garden
14. Softlightes - The Robots In My Room Were Playing Arena Rock
15. Sekiden - Love Song For Robot
16. The Ordinary Boys - Robots And Monkeys
17. Tullycraft - building the robot
18. Flight Of The Conchords - Robots
19. TV on the Radio - Robots
20. Datarock - Computer Camp Love
21. Robots in Disguise - A1-The Djs Got A Gun
22. The Aliens - Robot Man
23. Looper - My Robot
24. Jim Noir - Computer Song
25. The Flaming Tsunamis - Robots vs Zombies
26. Mixel Pixel - Charlie 5000
27. Say Hi to Your Mom - Yeah, I'm In Love With An Android
28. Stars - Sad Robot
29. Placebo - Bionic
30. Flaming Lips - Yoshimi vs The Pink Robots Part1
31. Dr. Steel - Build The Robots
32. A'tris - Robot Farm (Welcome To)
33. Golden Republic - Robots
34. Nada Surf - Robot
35. Rotfront - The Robots
36. Fat Jon & Styrofoam - Acid Rain Robot Repair
37. The Kleptones - Song of the Hip-Hop Robot

Stay tuned for more Applecross DJ Profiles and info for upcoming events!

Museum of Robots Event - 11/09/09

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Second Applecross event held at the Museum of Robots!

Ennui Clip, Jasper Haifisch and Walton Vieria played six hours of great robot themed Indie and Electronic music! We were visited by aproximately 80 unique avatars, averaging about 20 people at a time during the peak hours!

Lots of people were very creative and came dressed in robot avatars or sci-fi costumes! Here are some pictures from the event and stay tuned for the DJ's track lists from the event!

Your Hostesses for the night: Katherine Ivory and Colleen Lilliehook

DJ Ennui Clip

DJ Jasper Haifisch

DJ Walton Vieria

Grand Opening! Colleen's Setlist of Int'l Indie

Name / Artist / Country

Pa' Bailar / Bajofondo Tango Club / Argentina, Uraguay
Le coup de ciseaux / Miou Miou / Czech Republic
One Thousand 20th Century Chairs / Kahimi Karie (カヒミ・カリィ) / Japan
Former Hero / Heikki / Sweden
det har varit svårare / Sibiria / Finland
Super / Neu! / Germany
Angle mort / Les Breastfeeders / Canada
Heck Singhi / Cha Cha Cohen / United Kingdom, Australia
New York, USA / Superpunk / Germany
Break-Out Town / Tokyo Sex Destruction / Spain
Motorpsycho / Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists / Czech Republic
Pop Peth / Datblygu / Wales
Det Rör Inte Hjärtat / Vapnet / Sweden
Liebe zu Dritt / Stereo Total / Germany, France
Bloqueo / Grande-Marlaska / Spain
Je suis comme je suis / Les Sequelles / Canada
Himmelfahrtskommando / Death By Kite / Denmark
Punkdrömmar [ingenting] / Norway
360° Mintzkov / Belgium
Et Godt Part / The Launderettes / Norway
Onion Soup Crazy Corniche Camomile Int'l Japan
Nygubbe4 / Johan Hedberg / Sweden
Yuuhiga Naiteiru / The Captains / Japan
Por favor no vuelvas a nacer / Bam Bam / Mexico
Give It Back / Love Is All / Sweden
Les parfums de la nuit / Amadeus Tappioka / France
No More Lovesongs / Lacrosse / Sweden
Le jardin zoologique Clyde Int'l France
Romance / Katzenjammer Kabarett / France
Won't Say Anything / Hello Seahorse! / Mexico
Meet and Greet / Slaraffenland / Denmark
Finland / Hari and Aino / Sweden
Rock Guitar The Pancakes Int'l Hong Kong
Cravings Liechtenstein Int'l Sweden
Gigi Leung Is Dead My Little Airport Int'l China
1-2-3 / Apple tree Herman Dune Int'l Switzerland

Applecross Launch on Phasma - 10/12/09

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