Save the Date for Forest Feast on March 1

Dance in the flowers with Applecross on Monday March 1 with DJs Teo Ghost, Katherine Ivory, and the one and only Astrud Sands. Expect your invitation soon!

Check out this Forest Feast Machinima by Lainy Voom

Let's take a tour of Forest Feast!

There are many beautiful gardens at Forest Feast, designed by miki Morigi. Go for a romp in the flowers, and get inspired for our spring event on March 1.

We'll be dancing in the Flower Field

Aught (one of my favorite places)

Fantasy Garden

Secret Garden

The Rest Place of the Unicorn

Un jardin d'amants

What a great night at Retropolis!

Big thanks to Tricia Farella, our DJs, and to everyone for coming out and making this such a great event. We had over 120 unique visitors, including mermaids, mermen, pirates, an octopus, Richard Gere, and a sea ghost. Below you'll find some images from the event, as well as set lists from our great DJs. Expect your invitation and more information about our Forest Feast event on March 1 in the coming days. Thanks again everybody!

Images of Applecross at Retropolis

To see more images of this and other Applecross events go to If you are a member of Flickr, join the Applecross group. I only post a few images in my Lilliehook account, but all go into the Applecrossed account, so friend both so i can tag you!

Special thanks to Tricia Farella - Creator of Retropolis

Tricia is such a talented builder, and everybody LOVED the experience on the "La Gata." She was so generous with her time, added fun elements like a swing and this cage for us, and we all have a new friend. She's cooking up some new ideas, and we'll keep you posted. Thanks Tricia!

DJ Enigma Bombay at Retropolis

Enigma has been in Second Life for almost seven years. She owns Phasma sim and the alternative/indie music club Bombay (b)Indie. She and business partner Solange Simondsen enjoy coming up with innovative and fun things to do in Phasma, and they love welcoming new people. Enigma likes llamas, cupcakes, the color green and The Dude, and yes! her set was awesome:

Gustav Holst / The Planets: Mars, The Bringer of War (3.20 mins)
Barry McGuire / Eve of Destruction
Raveonettes / Love In A Trashcan
That Handsome Devil / Bullet Math
The Chemical Brothers / Out of Control (Sasha Remix)
Fatboy Slim / Weapon of Choice
VAST / Pretty When You Cry
Eskimo Joe / Foreign Land
Thievery Corporation / (The Forgotten People)
Low Flying Owls / Glad To Be Alive
White Rabbits / Percussion Gun
Moby / Pale Horses (Apparat Remix)
The White Stripes / Seven Nation Army
Devotchka: The Enemy Guns
Soft Black / The Earth Is Black
Depeche Mode / Barrel of A Gun
T.Raumschmiere / Sick Like Me (Motor Remix - Tokyo)
The Animals / We Gotta Get Out of This Place
The Quantic Soul Orchestra / Who Knows Feat. Kabir
Crystal Castles / Air War
Muse / Knights of Cyclonia
Stellastarr / Warchild
Portishead / Machine Gun
Oh No Ono / Internet Warrior
Electric Hellfire Club / Sunday Bloody Sunday
Gogol Bordello / Alcohol
Pink Floyd / Run Like Hell
Kasabian / Shoot The Runner
The Byrds / Eight Miles High
TV On The Radio / Heroes

DJ Alicia Falworth at Retropolis

Alicia Falworth listens with her heart and dances with her hips. She has a passion for discovering eclectic new music as well as the unique artists that influenced and created it. Djing, for her, is about finding a mood, swimming in it and towing the crowd behind in her wake. With our beautiful mermaid, walking the plank was never so much fun. Alicia can currently be found at The Velvet where she is currently entrusted with its care.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Supernaturally
The Dixie Cups / Iko Iko
Cashiz Raye and Pharmies / I Put A Spell On You
Throw Me The Statue / Waving At The Shore
David Byrne & Brian Eno / Strange Overtones
Thom York / And It Rained All Night
Folk Implosion / Natural One
The Futureheads / Let's Dance
Cut Copy / Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Ghostland Observatory / Sad Sad City
Goldfrapp / Rocket
Yeasayer / One
Wave Machines / I Go I Go I Go
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour / The Golden Age
Wynonie Harris / Bloodshot Eyes
The Generationals / When They Fight They Fight
Matt & Kim / Lessons Learned
Vampire Weekend / Ruby Soho
Fanfarlo / Finish Line
The Capitals / A Spectre Is Haunting Europe
Clap You Hands Say Yeah / Over and Over
Bell X1 / Rocky Took A Lover
Jukebox The Ghost / Hold It In
Wintersleep / Weighty Ghost
Anne Peebles / I Can't Stand The Rain
Portishead / Stangers
Fran├žoise Hardy / Tous Les Gar├žons Et Les Filles
Oliver Future / The Second
Sondre Lerche / Heartbeat Radio
Shout Out Louds / Walls
Tom Waits / Shiver Me Timbers
Talking Heads / Take Me To The River
She & Him / Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
The Ravonettes / Last Dance

DJ Moby Tenenbaum at Retropolis

Moby has been a busy DJ in Second Life for almost one year. He specializes in indie/alt rock music and appears regularly at Bombay (b)Indie and alt7. He’s also DJ’d in a variety of other venues, including The Norvern Monkey and ONe. Have a look at the stormy set he played at Retropolis.

Zero One / Dream world
Thievery Corporation / Facing East
DJ Shadow featuring Sergio Pizzorno & Christopher Karloff / The Tiger
The Presets / A New Sky
New Villager / Genghis On
Ween / Flutes of Chi
Van She / The Sea
Longwave / Sirens In The Deep Sea
Orangutang / Sea of Glass
King Crimson / Walking On Air
Hooverphonic / Waves
Super Furry Animals / (Drawing) Rings Around the World
The Oranges Band / Fins For Our Feet
The Thermals / At the Bottom of the Sea
Shearwater / Red Sea, Black Sea
Okkervil River / Lost Coastlines
Young Atlantis - A.C. Newman
Sea Legs - The Shins
Dr. Dog/ The Ark
Melissa Auf der Maur / Followed the Waves
The Upsidedown / Black Rainbow
Wire / Marooned (2006 Digital Remaster)
Radiohead / Weird Fishes - Arpeggi
Brian Eno / Passing Over
XTC / The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
Moby / Lift Me Up
Yeasayer / Madder Red
The Egg / Lost At Sea
Beth Orton / Stars All Seem To Weep

See Zarrakan's Machinima from the Retropolis event!

Applecross at Retropolis is this Monday, 2.15 from 5 to 11 pm slt - Come or I'll haunt your dreams!

I'm coming as the ghost of an explorer taken by the Beast - we also expect mermaids, pirates, and deep sea explorers - what will you be? Dress up or come as you are, but don't miss this chance to dance and listen to the music of DJs Moby Tenenbaum, Alicia Falworth, and Enigma Bombay - this will be a great night!

Retropolis now featured on Emerald login page!

Invitation to Applecross at Retropolis!

DJs Moby Tenenbaum, Alicia Falworth, and Enigma Bombay will protect you from THE BEAST. Please go explore this incredible build...and don't forget your flight feather!!
Invitation by Kasabian Beck

About Retropolis - Creator Tricia Farella tells the story depicted by this great build

Last Voyage of the "La Gata"
Alone at night in a raging storm, a old junk boat desperatly struggles to make port. Twenty foot high swells break over her bow. The skies overhead spit out an angry torrent, as the wind and waves toss the creaking, helpless ship back and forth.

Standing on the rolling deck, I held tightly to the main mast, praying for a end to this nightmare.
But the real nightmare was about to begin...

The air filled with a smell like dead things...and even the birds overhead ceased there senseless cries for a frozen moment...

Then, impossible to my horrified mind, from out of the black raging waters came a creature beyond our world or imaginings.

It's long, slimey tentecles reached over the gunwales...slid over the water soaked deck.. searching for it's prey.

I ran to the cabin and slammed the door. I could hear the monster ripping apart the main-mast.
Peering thru the window, I saw the beast, outlined in a flash of lightning.

Come face the beast yourself...if you dare.

Dress up for Applecross at Retropolis!

Let your imagination go wild - wear something nautical... wear your deep sea gear; dress like a 14th century Chinese trader or Marco Polo; wear your favorite rain slicker; or dress like a treasure hunter...argh!