Thanks Bryn!

Bryn has been incredibly generous to us, and it was amazing for all of us to have this experience at Immersiva. Thank you, thank you!!

Images of Applecross at Immersiva

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Videos of Applecross at Immersiva by Zarrakan

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DJ Siri Woodget's Immersiva Setlist

In case you didn't know this...Siri is a goddess. I asked a lot from her for this event, and she totally delivered. Because she's both a curator and a music lover, I thought it would be really cool to hear Siri's perspective on Immersiva -- so she made her debut as a DJ that night -- and she was incredible.


Two Shocks / brakesbrakesbrakes
Walkabout (with Noah Lennox) / Atlas Sound
Chain / School of Seven Bells
Flower Gardens / Chad VanGaalen

The Angry Young Men / Urban Verbs

Upper East Side / Experimental Aircraft

Elevator to Heaven / The Elevator Drops
We Were Born the Mutants Again.../ Of Montreal

Courtship Dating / Crystal Castles
The Crystal Cat / Dan Deacon

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi / Radiohead

You Don’t Know Her Name / Maps

Evening/Morning / Bombay Bicycle Club

Mickey Mouse / Wavves

Just in Case / Micachu

Interlude with Ludes / Them Crooked Vultures
Afterparty At Jimmy’s / Anya Marina

Midnight Man / Nick Cave
Nevertheless / Brian Jonestown Massacre
Love is a Deserter / The Kills

Hot Freaks / Guided By Voices

Night of the Crickets / mr. Gnome

Florida / Starfucker

Sex Tourists / French Kicks
Another Version of Pop Song Rose / Elinor Dougall

I Think She Knows / Kaki King

Heaven / I Monster
Last One Awake / Memory Cassette

DJ Evah Gothy's Immersiva Setlist

Evah treated us to a live mix that blew us all away. The songs on this list totally belonged to Evah that night. I only wish she could have heard the adoring crowd gush, as she concentrated on her music.

Stora farliga rymdprojektet går åt pipan / Slagsmålsklubben
Of Moons, Birds And Monsters (Holy Ghost! Remix) / MGMT
Teen Years / Digitaria
Exit People (Umek Remix) / Fergie
Funk / Veitengruber
Kicks for Kicks / Audiojack
Rabarber (Erphun Remix) / Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union
Jaguar Submission / Stacy Shergold
The Horn / Dub Animal
Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix Invasion Re-Edit) / Djuma Soundsystem
Giorgio Moroder Vs Danny Tenaglia (From Here To Eternity) / Steve Lawler
You Want A / SIS
Uhhhh / SIS
Different (Pascal Vert Remix) / Solee
Herr reporter / Din Stalker
Push Back (Deepchild Remix) / Jimi Polar
I Know You're My Love (Juan MacLean Remix) / Sally Shapiro
Find My Soul (Holy Fuck Remix) / Sally Shapiro
Firebird / Alex Under
Rate Your Mate / Din stalker
Ohne Zuschlag / Din stalker
Tjeckien, slovakien och tillbaks igen / Slagsmålsklubben

DJ Samara Cioc's Immersiva Setlist

Over and over in the time leading up to the event, I heard people say, "Oh! Sam is my favorite DJ!!" People poured in to hear Sam play, and she was fantastic as always. Here is her set to prove it...

Baa Laughter / Gay Cole and His GT Hobos
All is Love / Karen O and the Kids
Despicable Dogs / Small Black
Dogbite / Natural Child
Animal Party / The King Kahn and BBQ Show
Daddy, Don't Ever Die on a Friday / Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra
What Makes Him Act So Bad / Adam Green
What's That Sound / Firefox AK
Again & Again / Black Lips
Gray Sunset / Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti
My Little Banana / My Little Airport
Heaven Can Wait (Pass 8 Stems Vocal 4) / Charlotte Gainsbourg
Hologram / Digital Leather
Ashes to Ashes / HOLY SHIT
Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly) / Ty Segall
Can't Seem to Make You Mine / Billy Childish
The Frog / Sergio Mendes, Brasil 66
Untitled / Beirut
In the Clear / Cap'n Jazz
The Robots / Kraftwerk
In the City (Contact High) / NODZZZ
Eternity / German Measles
Innocence / Bjork
4 Little Joeys (Marxy's Sukebe Danny Tammer Remix) / kiiiiiii
Monster on Saturn 1 / Science Fiction Corporation
Freudian Slips / Big Troubles
Glitter and Gold / Cheap Time
Gamma Ray (Beck) / Jay Reatard
Scholastic Aptitude / Urinals
Idioteque / Radiohead
She Cracked / The Modern Lovers
Philosophy of the World / The Shaggs
No Friend of Mine / The Sparkles
What I Want / The Okmoniks
Dead Sound (Raveonettes Cover) / Digital Leather
Electricity / Captain Beefheart
Yami no Naka no Doppel - Kenken / Yoshino Daisaku & Prostitute
You Look So Pretty in Red / Terror Visions
Patty Hearst / Stereo Total
Pure Rockets / John Maus
The Eye of the Tiger (Persepolis Original Soundtrack) / Chiara Mastroianni

What an amazing night!

The Applecross event at Immersiva was incredible. We had 185 unique visitors - some visiting Immersiva for the first time. Thanks to Bryn, and everyone for coming out last night. Very soon I will be posting more photos, as well as setlists from our superb DJs, Sam, Evah, and Siri. (and we'll be hitting the high seas in February - more on that soon!)

Join us at Immersiva on Mon, Jan 18!

IM Colleen Lilliehook for an invitation, or pick at Applecross HQ on Phasma

Immersiva gave me the idea for Applecross

Walking in the shimmering water at artist Bryn Oh's Immersiva, I remember thinking how amazing it would be to experience music in that kind of the ultimate field trip for all the indie kids, who i imagined dancing knee-deep in the water, while listening to some of our finest DJs. Well, it's really happening this Monday, January 18 from 5 to 11 pm SLT, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Who will provide the soundtrack for our night at Immersiva?

You will dance to the music of DJs Samara Cioc (5 to 7 pm slt), Evah Gothly (7 to 9 pm slt), and Siri Woodget (9 to 11 pm slt). Sam and Evah came to mind immediately upon hearing the news that we would play at Immersiva. They are each musical adventurers, with a taste for lush, eclectic sounds. Also playing is the intrepid explorer, Siri Woodget. As a curator and music lover, she will bring us a special interpretation of Immersiva. This is a great collection of DJs, who you wouldn't want to miss on any night. Check back after the event to see their setlists from the event!

Samara Cioc
is fascinated by music, and she loves to discover music in different languages from around the world. Sam has very eclectic tastes, including garage punk, folk, indie, alternative, twee, French, Balkans, film soundtracks, and bizarre sounds. She has DJed in some great SL clubs (some RIP), such as Emerald City, Strangeways, The Crow's Nest, Norvern Monkey, and The Winchester. Soon you will be able to catch her playing at The Laundromat, and hopefully Strangeways. When Sam plays, she can evoke a collective sense of musical bliss with any crowd.

Evah Gothly, also know as animaDj, reminiscent of the 80's generation, ex punk, goth, clubber, and bass player in a indie band. As as DJ in SL she plays electro, electroclash, nurave, and French pop with a focus on alternative scene groups, while slowly including more electronic styles, especially minitech, deephouse, and progressive techno. She can always be found playing underground artists and a very sorted set without one exclusive style, which may include cuts from a cult soundtrack, trash sci-fi, an old radio interview, or even Beethoven. Evah is perpetually on the hunt for new stuff, and seeks music that touches the heart and soul, and helps to keep a magic feeling alive.

Siri Woodget has a soundtrack running in her head wherever she goes. Several words come to mind when standing in the swirling waters of Immersiva. Static and decay, love and melancholy, the tragic sense of life. Siri’s set is inspired by the tempo of Bryn Oh’s installations which are gilded with optimism, mystery and whimsy.

Siri documents her experiences through her blog She is a curator of exhibitions for the Alexandrian Free Library coalition (Caledon) and hosts a gallery currently at Phasma, featuring artists who work within the medium of Second Life. Follow this link to visit Woodget Gallery

How will Applecross ring in the Spring?

Forest Feast!

Applecross will celebrate the coming of spring in the glorious flower fields at miki Morigi's Forest Feast with DJs Teo Ghost, Astrud Sands, and Katherine Ivory. We'll keep you posted!

Splash out at Immersiva!

Our gift to you for this event will be these beautiful dance lights made for us by Laokoon Lomu. You can expect a set with your invitation, or you can drop by Applecross on Phasma and pick them up earlier.

Hey! Think about dressing up for the event! It's the perfect time to bring out your inner steampunk.