An Excellent Night at the Odyssey!

Another great Applecross! We got creative at the Odyssey Art and Performance Sim, as we danced in the sky with Kong, and listened to an amazing soundtrack by DJs M4sk, Sam, Dox, and Ducky. Have a look at the Applecross group to see all of the event photos!

There will be a short break in Applecross events, as real life takes me away from the computer for a bit. Please check back in the fall to see setlists from both the Odyssey and Nevaria events - my apologies for the delay <3

See you all in a few months with an all new Applecross adventure!

Dress up for Applecross at Odyssey!

Feel the art. Be the art!

Applecross at the Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator on Monday, 6 September from 3 to 11 pm SLT

With expanded hours of 3 pm to 11 pm SLT, those of you who are not on SLT will be able to stay up late, or wake up early and still join the party! As usual, we have amazing DJs for you, with M4SK22 Melody, Samara Cioc, Paradox Messmer, and PirateDucky Constantine. (Click on the invite for a closer look!)

Odyssey has long been on my wish list for Applecross...dreaming of merging indie music and contemporary art. My first visit to Odyssey was to see Selavy Oh's beautiful piece, Erasing the Spiral, and I fell in love. Spend some time exploring Odyssey. You'll find works that are thought provoking, interactive, and fun! If you join the Odyssey group, you'll receive notices for artist performances, some of which you can view at Also, check out their blog to learn more about the artists and events.

Special thanks to Artistic Director Fau Ferdinand and co-Director lizsolo Mathilde for all of their help with the event, and for inviting Applecross to Odyssey.

Let's take a little tour of Odyssey, shall we?

We'll be dancing in the sky next to The Wrath of Kong!Erasing the Spiral by Selavy Oh
Tormented Twilight by Alan Dojoli
from The Susa Bubble Story by Rose Borchovsky
Seventeen Unsung Songs by Adam Ramona
Giant Ghostly Bot by Feathers Boa
Sugar Seville's gorgeous installation at the Odyssey Auditorium
Domestic Box by chi5 chenoza

8 bits or less zoetrope by Patrick Lichty
works by Patrick Lichty and Gazira babeli
Karma Engine by Man Michinaga
two images from inside the amazing Psychotic Zoo by Dekka Raymaker
I'm Jean and Gift Horse
seriously...go spend the day here!

Amazing Night at Nevaria!

Hello lovelies - we had a fantastic party at Nevaria - The DJs, the costumes, the setting--all incredible, and I lost count of how many people were there. Since I was having a bit of trouble with my graphics, Kasabian Beck was kind enough to take some snaps for me. Have a look at the Applecross group in Flickr - there are some great images Keep an eye out here for setlists from Stacia Reinoir, Palmindan Whybrow, and Mzdeedee Dagger. The music matched the setting beautifully. Thanks to Liliane Despres for inviting Applecross to Nevaria, and to Madison Oller for introducing us!

Invitation to Applecross at Nevaria!

On Monday, July 19 from 5 to 11 pm slt, join Applecross at Nevaria with an awesome lineup of DJs: Stacia Reinoir, Palmindan Whybrow, and Mzdeedee Dagger. Click on this invite designed by Kasabian Beck to see a larger view!

Nevaria--Down the Rabbit Hole with a Darker Alice

Yes, on Monday, July 19, Applecross will journey to Nevaria for a visit to Wonderland--not the cartoon land we all know, but a darker, more sinister RP world created by the Queen of Hearts, Liliane Despres. Read all about the story of Nevaria on their excellent website Quoted from the site: "Welcome to Nevaria, You have journied here from beyond the shadows, emerging into a wonderland of dreams and nightmares. A land of many curiosities, ruled over by the cruel Queen of Hearts. Will you fall victim to her sadistic justice or will you rise above and pave your own way? Welcome to Wonderland... we're all mad here." Check out these images of Nevaria:
We'll be dancing here!

Down the rabbit hole.

The Queen's Castle

Nevaria: coming soon to Applecross!

"No room! No room!' they cried out when they saw Alice coming."

Thanks to Belladora Darkfold!

Big thanks to Belladora Darkfold for hosting this event, to Tamara Scorbal for giving me a tour of this amazing build, to Madison Oller for introducing me to Bella, and to all of the role players who shared the experience of this beautiful sim with for this 'out of character' Applecross event. Congratulations to Bella, and everyone who participated in the fantastic design and build of Hogwarts Prevails -- we were so pleased to have this opportunity for a peek into the Potterverse.

The DJs! The Music!

Applecross parties are about listening to great music, while immersed in a cool environment. Our DJs were Olivia Button, Windsor Lorefield, and Solange Simondsen--who at the last moment stepped in for the Nachts, who were unavoidably detained. Here are their setlists, with a bit of info about each DJ. If you have not seen these fine DJs perform, go now! p.s. the Nachts will definitely be making an appearance at a future event!

Olivia Button
Olivia was first interested in playing her favorite indie tunes to the general public when she and her friends created Courage My Love - a little indie club that, although lasted only briefly, but was very dear to her heart. Since then, she has played at The Nightlight Lounge, the Library owned by Athena Elton, The Laundromat and Mixtape.

She is constantly on the hunt for new indie musicians and at the same time, enjoys a variety of killer tunes from the ever growing archives inside her iTunes library. Currently she's digging Broken Bells, the Broken Keys, the Features, the new Arcade Fire and MGMT.

Emiliana Torrini / Weird Friendless Kid
Regina Spektor / 20 Years of Snow
The Cure / Lullaby
The Smiths / London
The Jam / In the City
Weezer / Troublemaker
Wipers / Misfit
The 88 / Battle Scar
Tokyo Police Club / The Harrowing Adventures of...
Vampire Weekend / The Kids Don't Stand a Chance
Of Montreal / Wraith Pinned to the Mist And Other Games
Broken Bells / Trap Doors
Arctic Monkeys / Fluorescent Adolescent
The Futureheads / Skip to the End
Tsar / The Teen Wizards
Green Apple Quickstep / Kid
NOFX / My Orphan Year
Superdrag / Lighting the Way
The Aquabats / Nerd Alert!
Puffy AmiYumi / Friends Forever
Anguis & Julia Stone / Just A Boy
Ben Kweller / Magic
Paris, Texas / Bombs Away
OK Go / Invincible
Blur / Coffee & TV
The Libertines / Time For Heroes
The Coral / Dreaming of You
The Cribs / Mens Needs
Blur / End of a Century
Kasabian / Fire
Andrew Bird / Anonanimal
Harlem / Friendly Ghost
Magic Wands / Black Magic
The Kills / Last Day of Magic
Clinic / The Witch
Sloan / I'm Not A Kid Anymore
Bishop Allen / Things Are What You Make Of Them

Solange Simondsen
Sol is awesome. About a month after Solange was born in SL, she started DJing AND managing The Rooftop Club. Everyone whispered, "She's got to be an alt!" No, she's no alt--she's just that good! When I mentioned to Sol that the Nachts weren't able to make it, she said 'I'm on it," and about 15 minutes later, she had a themed set ready to play. She was great, of course. Sol was also manager of The Gnarled Oak, and is currently a DJ, builder, and Manager of Bombay (b)Indie. Her sets at Bombay, as well as The Laundromat, are eclectic and will make you feel electric.

The Beatles / Magical Mystery Tour
Arctic Monkeys / Potion Approaching
Pizzicato Five / Magic Carpet Ride
Au Revoir Simone / Knight of Wands
Neon Trees / Girls And Boys In School
Crystal Castles / Magic Spells
Electric Light Orchestra / Strange Magic
The Beach Boys / Be True To Your School
Donovan / Season Of The Witch
Tunng / Woodcat
Half-Pint And The Fifths / Orphan Boy
The Buzzcocks / Late for the Train
Disappears / Magics
Siouxsie & The Banshees / Spellbound
Bat For Lashes / The Wizard
XTC / Towers of London
Wild Nothing / The Witching Hour
The National / England
New Order / Murder
Cocorosie / Werewolf
The Twilight Sad / I Am Taking the Train Home
Late of the Pier / Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Super Furry Animals / God! Show Me Magic
Autumn Leaves / Magic Red Raincoat
Creedence Clearwater Revival / I Put a Spell on You
IAMX / Think Of England
The Police / Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Blur / Magic America
The Kills / Last Day of Magic
Portishead / Magic Doors
Suede / Black or Blue

Windsor Lorefield
Winds tells us, "I have been DJing in SL for about a year and a half at The former Rooftop Club, Gnarled Oak, and currently at Bombay (b)Indie, The Laundromat and am now the proprietor of my own club, Hellcat's Oasis Cantina. I was honored and delighted to play at Applecross's Hogwarts event as I am a true Potter geek. My love for Fred and George runs deep. My love for Colleen runs deeper as we share our two husbands...Marc Bolan and Graham Coxon." (Who knew there were so many Harry Potter bands! Oh, and I love you too, Winds!)

John Williams / Arrival at Hogwarts
The Weird Sisters / Do The Hippogriff
Voldemort / Evil Is Sexy
Potter Puppet Pals / Avdra Kadavra
Catchlove / We're The Students of Hogwarts
Hogwarts: a History / Wizard Rock Heart Throb
Misinitsry of Magic / Accio Love
The Parselmouths / Someone Freaking Ask Me To The Yule Ball
The Whomping Willows / Hogwarts is Boring Without You
Harry and The Potters / Song for the Death Eaters
Gred and Forge / Fred, George and Myrtle
Ginny and the Heartbreakers / Halloween at Hogwarts [D-Form Bass Mix]
The Unforgivable Curses / Slytherin Love Song
Swish and Flick / Cho Chang (Shake Your Thang)
The Moaning Myrtles / Prefects Are Hot
Wingardium Leviosa / Slytherin Girl (live at Whimsic Alley)
The Nifflers / Sniffle My Niffle
Ministry of Magic / I Heart Weasleys
Weezard / The Order
Draco and the Malfoys / My Dad is Rich
The Brothers Black / Don't Wanna Be A Deatheater
The Hinky Punks / Wizard Rock Zero
Hogwarts Trainwreck / Don't Cry for Neville
Harry and the Potters / Cornelius Fudge Is An Ass
Danny Dementor / Where Your Hood At?
Dumbledork / Daft or Dangerous
Potter Puppet Pals / Spell of Love
Draco and The Malfoys / Voldemort is Awesome
The Unforgivable Curses / Penelope Clearwater
Malfoy Manor / New Recruits
the Remus Lupins / The Order
The Weird Sisters / Magic Works
Remus Lupins / Beatrix Is Rubbish
Roonil Wazib / The Mandrake's Carol
The Sectumsempras / Judgement
The Curse Breakers / Dobby's Christmas Wish
Hogwarts: A History / Tonight We take Back Moody's Eye!
Oliver Boyd & The Rememberalls / Train to Nowhere
Nils Wogram & the NDR Big Band / Hogwarts

Applecross at Hogwarts Prevails...The Party!

Great music, excellent costumes, and lots of friends within the walls of the Great Hall at Hogwarts Prevails. Join the Applecross group on Flickr to see all of the pics, including some fine shots by our loyal members - check it out here: