Applecross at The Far Away, by AM Radio

Well, this was a really beautiful, fun, fun night. Keep your eye out for a list of the great music from Darn Darwin and Larkin Galaxy, as well as pictures of Applecross in action. Remember add your own photos to the Applecross group on Flickr, and think about joining the Applecross group on SL, so you can be the first to hear about our next event. Thanks to our fabulous DJs for making our night, and thank you to AM Radio--we'll miss The Far Away, but now we've made another memory there <3

Can you guess where Applecross flashes next?

Where will we be? Well, it's beautiful, we've all been there, and this place is a long-time favorite for so many in SL. On Monday, May 23, from 7 to 11 pm SLT, we'll all get to float and dance to the music of the wonderful DJ Larkin Galaxy, and my personal favorite, DJ Darn Darwin. Just follow the clues in this gorgeous invitation created by Mr. Darwin.

If you missed our last party, you may not know that Applecross has gone flash mob...and our little experiment with listening to the music 'out-of-world' at pteron was great. I'll be handing out a link to the Shoutcast stream, and you'll listen to our DJs from your computer. (This frees us up to go almost anywhere!)

So, join the Applecross group to receive your landmark and the URL to the music stream on Monday!

Applecross at pteron...The Electric DJs and their Out-of-World Music

Lolotehe Menoptra Naturally, the Velvet's Token Spider was perfect to have play at pteron, because, for one thing...she knows her sci-fi (and math btw!). Lolo gave us a lesson in what a rave is all about - and we got Logan's Run!

Logan's Sanctuary / Metropia (Note from Lolo...Because it's FUNNY)
Lolo / Intro
The Messiah / Temple of Dreams (Long)
Orbital / Way Out
Moby / Next Is The E (I Feel It)
Juno Reactor / Silver
Nine Ways / JDS
Eat Static / Splitting World
The Prodigy / Out of Space [Millenium Mix]
Deep Forest / Sweet Lullaby [Round the World Mix]
The System is Down
The Beloved / Sweet Harmony (Come Together and Consolidate Extended)
coldcut and hexstatic
William Orbit / Hazy Shade Of Random
future sound of london / papua new guinea {12 inch original}
Neotropic / Here I Am
Basement Jaxx Feat. Siouxsie Sioux / Cish Cash
Xploding Plastix / Tintinnamputation
kinoma / milk (black sun mix)
Amon Tobin / Verbal [Topo Gigio Remix]
Orbital - The Box
Ewan Dobson - Time 2 (One Man Trance Guitar)
Orb / Terminus (Excerpt)

Solange Simondsen Sometime last year, I brought Sol to pteron, because I'd been dying to go there with Applecross. She immediately said, "I want to play this one!" (or something like that :), and every few months after that night, we spoke enthusiastically about what a great location this place would be electronica, and how much fun she'd have putting music together for this setting. Well, it took turning it into a flash party, but we finally made it, and all of that waiting paid off. Sol's set was perfect...

Gold Panda /
You Lucky Shiner
Crystal Castles / Vietnam
Glasser /
School of Seven Bells /
Fujiya And Miyagi /
Leila /
Tobacco /
Unholy Demon Rhythms
We Are Water
DJ Shadow / Artifact (instrumental)
Holy Fuck /
Stilettos Clark / Future Daniel
The Luyas /
Cold Canada
Neon Indian /
Seriously, It's over-
Rainbow Arabia /
Mechanical (edit)
Gorillaz /
Phoner To Arizona
Moderat /
Nasty Silence
A Sunny Day In Glasgow /
100/0 (Snowdays Forever)
Flying Lotus /
MmmHmm ft.Thundercat
The Books /
I Didn't Know That
Ben Benjamin /
Squirmy Sign Language
Praxis /
Babylon Blackout
Nicolas Jaar /
Almost Fell
The Gaslamp Killer /
Part 4 (edit 2)
DJ /rupture /
Too Much: Clouds
Scorn / Shake Hands
Circulatory System /
The Frozen Lake / The Symmetry
Four Tet /
Circling Silje Nes / The Card House
Nicolas Jaar /
Rainbow Arabia /
Teebs /
You've Changed
Frivolous /
Sérénade des excentriques
Baths /

Applecross Flashed Pteron

DJs Sol and Lolo played the perfect soundtrack for our dreamy night at the surrealistically beautiful pteron. Thanks to everyone for coming out to make it such a great night. Keep an eye out here for our DJ's setlists, and some pictures of the event. In the meantime, have a look at the Applecross group in Flickr:

And get ready for our next event in May - more details soon...

Applecross Flash Party is happening!

Join us Monday night, from 7 to 11 pm SLT for the first Applecross Flash Party. Follow this SLurl and grab the above instructions to find the party

Listen to DJs Solange Simondsen and Lolotehe Menoptra by following this link to the Shoutcast page, and listen through your media player:

An invitation, with all of the above info will be sent out on Monday evening before the party to the Applecross group.

Pteron is a spectacular sim, and we will have a wonderful time. Please note that this a PG sim, and that we need to respect other visitors--hopefully, they will join the party! Can't wait to see you!

Where will you find Applecross on Mon, April 18?

On Monday, I will send the SLurl of the flash party location, along with a link to the music stream to listen (out of world) to DJs Solange Simondsen and Lolotehe Menoptra, who will play from 7 to 11 pm SLT. Their music will electrify your experience in this otherworldly sim. I'll post the SLurl to our location, with directions to the party, along with the music stream link on this blog and in the Applecross group on Flickr. On Monday, I'll send the details out in SL...join the Applecross group to get your invite. Can't wait to see you on Monday!