Can you guess where Applecross flashes next?

Where will we be? Well, it's beautiful, we've all been there, and this place is a long-time favorite for so many in SL. On Monday, May 23, from 7 to 11 pm SLT, we'll all get to float and dance to the music of the wonderful DJ Larkin Galaxy, and my personal favorite, DJ Darn Darwin. Just follow the clues in this gorgeous invitation created by Mr. Darwin.

If you missed our last party, you may not know that Applecross has gone flash mob...and our little experiment with listening to the music 'out-of-world' at pteron was great. I'll be handing out a link to the Shoutcast stream, and you'll listen to our DJs from your computer. (This frees us up to go almost anywhere!)

So, join the Applecross group to receive your landmark and the URL to the music stream on Monday!