You know, I really always wanted Applecross to be signs, no tip jars, or dance balls...just you, me, some great music, and a cool sim.

Sooo, we're going to try a little experiment!

Rather than listen to the djs in-world, on the day of the event, you will receive a link to a web page that will allow you to listen directly from your computer's media player.

This will free us up to go almost anywhere!

In advance of the event, I'll let you know the date and time, the djs, and a little hint about our location. Then on the day of the event, I'll send you a landmark, and a link to the music stream. (I know many of you are well aware of how to listen to music directly from the Shoutcast page, but if this is new territory for you, never fear! It's easy peasy, and I will provide instructions, along with a few free dances, with the party notice.)

On Monday, April 18, DJs Solange Simondsen and Lolotehe Menoptra will play from 7 to 11 pm SLT. More info to follow!

Applecross turns Flash Party! That's the new plan. Pass it on!

p.s. Join the Applecross group in Second Life and/or Flickr, and stay tuned here for the lastest news.