Applecross has landed at Viceland!

I am thrilled to report that builders and designers extraordinaire, Charlotte Bartlett and Kasabian Beck invited Applecross to base its headquarters at the fabulous new sim, Viceland. To learn about the sim's sponsor, check out Applecross's cool new space (interior by Kas!) is located at Vice Square along with Mzdeedee Dagger's Fight Club, White Cube Gallery, and The Antigone Theatre, and has a beautiful view of the Maunsell DJ Towers. The sim is now also home to Kasabian Beck's Mixtape, HeadRoom, and Poperation Gallery. Go explore these and other cool places along the gritty streets of Viceland -- this is really an incredible build, and an Editor's Pick in the Second Life Showcase.

Our original location at Enigma Bombay's Phasma is still open, so Applecross has two fab locations where you can chill, pick up the latest invites, or check out images from past events.