What did our DJs play at Forest Feast?

DJs Teo Ghost, Katherine Ivory, and Astrud Sands played the perfect music for dancing in a meadow, and everybody loved them. Big thanks to Astrud for making a special SL appearance for Applecross. You know it's fun to hear DJs together, who normally play different clubs -- one of the reasons that Applecross gathering are always so special. They each played great sets, and many people stayed to see all three of them, because they couldn't pull themselves away. Here are the songs and little bio funfacts that they shared.

DJ Astrud Sands
Astrud was djing the first time I walked into the Velvet. She played both music that I loved, and a lot of "new-to-me" stuff that I wanted to know more about. (I think she had also fake partnered Pasta to have his alien baby - lol). That's when I knew I'd found one of my very favorite clubs in Second Life. Astrud has played at the Velvet, Mixtape, The Crow, the Winchester, as well as "several private nude parties" - lol. Always engaging the crowd, Astrud's ready with amazing stories, dry wit, and thoughtful, fun sets to share.

It was a special treat to hear her play, by the way, because she's been on an DJ vacation, while working on a real life project. But if you're very lucky, you can catch her singing in the indie disco bathroom at Mixtape (haha).

Leonard Cohen / I'm Your Man
The Normal / Warm Leatherette
Marianne Faithfull / Broken English
Patti Smith / Because the Night
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds / The Weeping Song
The Morning Benders / Pleasure Sighs
Kate Bush / Army Dreamers
Air / So Light Is Her Footfall
XTC / Making Plans for Nigel
Roxy Music / The Main Thing
Gavin Friday Angel
Ian Dury & the Blockheads / Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
David Bowie / Time
Silversun Pickups / Kissing Families
Gang of Four / I Love A Man In Uniform
Devo Mongoloid
Talking Heads / Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
Hot Chip / Hand Me Down Your Love
Sinead O'Connor / I Want Your (Hands On Me)
Split Enz / Dirty Creature
PJ Harvey / To Bring You My Love
UNKLE / Natural Selection
Radiohead / Punk/Pull Revolving Doors
Bjork / Headphones
Four Tet / She Just Likes To Fight
Tracey Thorn Oh / The Divorces!
Bryan Ferry / Don't Stop The Dance
Electric Light Orchestra / Strange Magic
Fleetwood Mac / Second Hand News
The Pretenders/ I Go To Sleep

DJ Katherine Ivory
DJing in SL since January 2008, Katy has played at various clubs including alt7, the Velvet, the Rooftop Club, Debaser, AAI, Flashmans, Gnarled Oak and currently at her cool club, the Nightlight Lounge. Her favorite music genres are indie and alternative, but if you've been to any of Katy's sets, you'll know that she loves all kinds of music, and likes to surprise you with classic rock, electronica or 20's-to-50's favorites -- and that girl does love a theme!

She also worked closely with miki Morigi to make our trip to Forest Feast possible. In case you don't already know, Katy has been a big part of the success of Applecross, so big hugs and kisses to her.

Modest Mouse / Willful Suspension of Disbelief
Radiohead / I Might Be Wrong
Portishead / Hunter
Enon / Inches
Esthero feat. Danny Saber / Song For Holly
Antarctica / Drown the Days
At the Drive In / Invalid Litter Dept.
Cursive / Driftwood: A Fairytale
Pinback / Rousseau
Sonic Youth / Bull in the Heather
Mew / Silas the Magic Car
Atlas Sound / Walkabout
The Shins / Caring is Creepy
Beirut / Scenic World
Neutral Milk Hotel / In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Devendra Banhardt / Insect Eyes
American Analog Set / Hard to Find
Blur / Jets
Gorillaz / Don't get Lost in Heaven
Arcade Fire / In the Backseat
A Perfect Circle / The Nurse Who Loved Me
Sunny Day Real Estate / Song About An Angel
Ivy / I Hate December
Cheer-Accident / Disenchantment
Logh / A Sunset Knife Right
Mazzy Star / Fade Into You

DJ Teo Ghost
Teo has been djing in SL for about a year now. He owns a fun fun club on Phasma called ONe, where every Tuesday, he invites "the cream of indie djs" to participate in a fun theme night - like the recent Fight Club event where Enigma from Bombay (b)Indie challenged Mzdeedee from the Laundromat to a music duel. It was a blast.

Says Teo, "I play regularly at ONe and ALT7, but also do at least one hit and run every week at other clubs or events. Feeding off a space, an idea or a group of people and taking that vibe to the next level is what my dj expression is all about. To me djing is only half about playing music, the other half is the performance and deliverance of the idea or vibe in play and the connecting with the crowd; see and be seen, hear and be heard, amuse and be amused, touch and be touched. And most important, to look cool while doing it." (lol teo)

Ladytron / Season of Illusions
Mew / Chinaberry Tree
Pulp / The Trees
Grandaddy / Underneath the Weeping Willow
Björk / Isobel
Nouvelle Vague / A Forest
Depeche Mode / My Secret Garden
Supergrass / Sun Hits the Sky
Shout Out Louds / Tonight I Have to Leave It
Zwan / El Sol
Death Cab for Cutie / Meet Me On the Equinox
Goldfrapp - Crytalline Green
Lamb / Sun
The Flaming Lips / See the Leaves
Björk / Pagan Poetry
Bernard Butler / My Domain
Radiohead / Fake Plastic Trees
Band of Horses / I Go to the Barn Because I Like The
The Cardigans / You're the Storm
Neil Young / Harvest Moon
Grizzly Bear / Southern Point
Thom Yorke / Harrowdown Hill
Mew / An Envoy to the Open Fields
Depeche Mode / Enjoy the Silence
Arcade Fire / No Cars Go
White Belt Yellow Tag / Remains
Rilo Kiley / Portions for Foxes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Turn Into
Suede / The Wild Ones