About Retropolis - Creator Tricia Farella tells the story depicted by this great build

Last Voyage of the "La Gata"
Alone at night in a raging storm, a old junk boat desperatly struggles to make port. Twenty foot high swells break over her bow. The skies overhead spit out an angry torrent, as the wind and waves toss the creaking, helpless ship back and forth.

Standing on the rolling deck, I held tightly to the main mast, praying for a end to this nightmare.
But the real nightmare was about to begin...

The air filled with a smell like dead things...and even the birds overhead ceased there senseless cries for a frozen moment...

Then, impossible to my horrified mind, from out of the black raging waters came a creature beyond our world or imaginings.

It's long, slimey tentecles reached over the gunwales...slid over the water soaked deck.. searching for it's prey.

I ran to the cabin and slammed the door. I could hear the monster ripping apart the main-mast.
Peering thru the window, I saw the beast, outlined in a flash of lightning.

Come face the beast yourself...if you dare.