Applecross at the Redrum Public House

Thanks to everyone who came out to the third Applecross event held at the Redrum Public House!

Masacre Soon, Colleen Lilliehook and Darn Darwin played seven hours of music based around a 'Twisted Christmas' theme We were visited by approximately 99 unique avatars, averaging about 22 people at a time during the peak hours!

Big thanks to Rumpledink Robbiani, the owner and creator of the Redrum Public House and the Kubrick Rooms, for allowing Applecross to have this great party...dancing in the rain in front of the Evil Dead Cabin.

DJ Darn Darwin is known for his eclectic tastes, and his set of holiday music was a perfect mix of classic, quirky, and charming.

Darn can be found at The Crow's Nest on Friday nights and at the Velvet on Sunday nights.

Applecross founder, Colleen Lilliehook played a indie mix of holiday and horror. Expect a copy of the setlist soon!

Alicia Falworth was originally slated to play, but had computer troubles. Expect to see Ali back for another event soon.

Colleen plays at the Velvet on Tuesdays and at Mixtape on Thursdays.

DJ Masacre Soon put us in the perfect mood with her mix of wintery tunes as she kicked off our evening at Redrum.

Mas plays at Bombay (b)Indie on Thursdays at 7 pm SLT.

Check out these and more pics of the event on our Flickr page: